We love creating templates to use to teach kids about money.

Download each template below and read the corresponding post. You can also browse our download tag!

Our Favorites

RegisterOur Savings Envelope and Register

Interest Calculator + Statement TemplateHow National Bank of Mom Rewards Savings

Short-Term Savings Plans

Original short-term savings plan – Short-Term Savings Plan

Short-term savings plan with seed money – Delayed Gratification for the Win

Short-term savings plan with seed money but no date – Delayed Gratification for the Win

Christmas Gift ListBudgeting for Christmas Gifts

Vacation Trackers

Road Trip TrackerTracking Our Spending on an Awesome Weekend Road Trip

Vacation Trip LogHow Much Does Your Vacation Really Cost?

Spending Activities

Generic vs. Name BrandTeaching Kids to Spend: Part 1 – Generic vs. Name-Brand Products

Store ComparisonTeaching Kids to Spend: Part 2 – Store Comparisons

Larger vs. Smaller SizesTeaching Kids to Spend: Part 3 – Buying in Bulk