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The Best Christmas Gift for Kids

It’s not Christmas yet, but we’re getting ready! Last time, we talked about budgeting for Christmas gifts and today I want to talk about our favorite present from Santa EVER. In fact, it’s so cool that we still use it (two years later!).

In 2016, Santa brought J a Kindle. (I think he got it at Amazon — The Kindle For Kids Bundle.)

It’s one thing that he consistently uses, year round and has brought so much joy and entertainment. Here are all the reasons we love it:

  • eBooks from the library. This is the #1 reason it’s been so amazing — access to free books from our local library network and the neighboring county’s local library network.
  • It’s economical. Not only does it save us time (going to the library or the bookstore) and money (buying books vs. borrowing), but it saves us space too (which means less to store and clean).
  • There’s nothing else on it. No ads, no internet, no distractions.
  • It’s not backlit, so he can’t stay up too late reading. There’s no blue light like with other electronics, so he can read right up until bedtime without disrupting his sleep.
  • He can look up words that he doesn’t know using the dictionary.
  • It’s great for traveling — road trips, plane rides and anywhere we have to wait — he has access to tons of books all the time.
  • Amazon gift cards make great birthday and Christmas presents. If there’s a book he wants and we can’t get it from the library, he can buy the Kindle version.
  • Also, a book is a great reward for a good report card or job well done. Yesterday, I surprised J with a few books he’s been wanting and he was over the moon excited.
  • If you have Amazon Prime (which we do), you can read books for free with Prime Reading.
  • We haven’t checked this out, but there’s a subscription service called FreeTime Unlimited for $2.99/month where you can access a lot of books.
  • I want to foster a love of reading in him. Reading opens up so many new worlds and will hopefully allow him to go far in life. It’s also a MUCH better form of entertainment than TV, video games or using the tablet.
  • Reading allows us to spend quality time together. Before he goes to sleep, we always have time together where we read in bed. I can’t think of a better way to end the day.

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE physical books. We have many at home and love procuring more at stores like Half Price Books, but we’ve found space in our hearts for the Kindle with all the amazing benefits.

If you’re thinking of a Kindle or other eReader for your kids for their birthday, Christmas or another occasion, I highly recommend it.

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